Environmental Consciousness

We are probably living in the most critical time. Our entertainment channels are constantly reminding us that whatever we are doing is, in someway contributing to the demise of our planet. It inspires us to live a minimal lifestyle such as Christopher Mccandless or Rob Greenfield but the question that stops us everytime is if its even possible to do so when one is raised and living in the very system/architecture that is a major contributor.

Well, we believe that every individual effort can lead to a bigger gain. Small actions such as using a reusable grocery bag, choosing loose fruits over packaged ones, crafting greeting cards from recycled paper and choosing to buy things which serves more than one use, can make a big difference. There are so many ways one can contribute.

For us as a company, we take serious efforts in all our business decisions as we are prone to consume more than the average person. What are the steps we have taken and considered, you ask?

We only produce one conceptual collection each year as oppose to 4,6 or 8. This means that we are able to narrow down our choices of materials and hardware so we are able to procure once, enough for the entire year. This reduces air freight every season and ultimately our carbon footprint. 

We have explored many types of leather from Eco friendly to Vegan leather options. However there are still many unanswered questions to this topic before we are able to take that major leap into synthetic materials. What is actually used in producing this materials and its durability are the two main concerns.

What we have full and immediate control over is in the designing process. As our design philosophy is based predominantly on functionality followed by market trends, every single element we decide to include or remove is tremendously important. We resonate with the ethos that less is often more which forces us to place tremendous importance in the purpose of each bag during the design process.

We are still a major leap away from having zero waste from our production but our attempts at efficiently using the entire leather hide can be seen in the form of the Nepenthes Aromatique Diffuser. This is our first initiative and the start of many more to come. 

Every individual efforts counts so let us all do our small part in reducing waste for this generation and the ones to follow.

Nepenthes Aromatique Diffusers will be available for purchase from our online store from 25 June 2020. Availability is solely dependant on off cuts and only limited quantities may be produced.