Material Handling

Material handling is a comprehensive guide as to how you may condition your Omitir products. All recommendations are subjected to personal discretion as each leather, depending on how it has been treated, may vary.

The difference between polishing and conditioning

Polishing is mainly for aesthetics. Conditioning on the other hand is for protecting the leather so that it does not dry out leading to cracking. Your leather is essentially very much like our skin and it requires occasional moisturising.

Types of conditioning

There are 3 types of conditioners in the market. Conditioning oils, wax and creams. Each serves a particular purpose and affects the leather differently.

Conditioning oils penetrate deep into the fibres to soften, protect and in most cases provide waterproofing. This will darken your leather so be sure to only use oils on dark coloured leathers. Oils may also soften your leather causing it to loss its form. 

Conditioning wax provides only surface protection and waterproofing as it is not able to penetrate deep into the fibres.

Conditioning cream works similarly to an oil based conditioners. It is the most neutral of the 3 in the sense where it moisturises the leather without over softening so your leather will keep its form. Conditioning creams do not tamper with the colour of the leather. We recommend using conditioning cream for all Omitir products.

Frequency of conditioning leathers should be once or twice a year. Always allow the conditioner to penetrate and settle overnight before using. This is to prevent residue from transferring onto clothing.


The simplest approach to maintaining and preventing leather mildew and cracking is constant use. Especially in humid environments, there is no better way to care for your leather products than to simply use them. 

Please contact us if you have any specific questions on how to care for your Omitir products.