We are taking a backseat.

As some may have noticed, we have been pretty quiet on our marketing channels. That’s because we have been preoccupied with many other projects.
To be honest, we find joy in working on smaller interconnected concepts and projects. Creating products and situations where honest conversations thrive. One of the main projects that have taken up most of our time is Arts & Antiquities which has been a dream of ours that eventually open in 2021.

With that said, we will be taking a break from designing and producing a collection and will take 2022 to rethink and hopefully be able to approach the system in a different way.

Before we take a hiatus for Omitir, we have decided to have a final sale as well as introduced our lifestyle line under Aa Furniture called Aa GRADE.

You will find familiarity in the three colours introduced in the line: Onyx, Brunette and Indigo. This collection includes leather cushions and our Glamp chairs. Other new additions includes the Sunset Chair replacement covers.


Check out our Final Sale or head over to check out what we have created for Aa GRADE.

Thank you all for sticking around over the last 10 odd years. It’s been an incredible journey and we hope to see you this weekend.Best,Bryan & Darren