Transit: Nepal

As part of our Transit segment, we continue to explore places around the world to seek out fresh inspiration beyond our sphere of knowledge. This post is dedicated to our time in Nepal where in this enchanted kingdom of rustic scenery, we find mountain peaks stretching beyond what eyes can observe.

A curious juxtaposition of the agrarian and urban landscape, seeing herds of buffalo roaming the streets with idleness may surprise tourist onlookers, yet it is anything but a common sight for locals. 

A two weeks trip readied with bare necessities, we partook in a marathon above sea level. The rest of the days were spent reflecting in the rare moments of tranquility, freed from fetters of our hectic urbanite lifestyle. We took respite within Nargakot, and in the room, the soft linen curtain filtered out daylight, tracing the faint silhouette of the trees.