Inspirational Column: Restoration

In the next segment of our Inspirational Column, we feature Master Craftsman: the late Bernard Rosenblum and his thoughts about learning through restoration and self-discovery.

Homage: Bernard Rosenblum

"By working hard, doing lots of research and restoring the objects,

that’s how we discover how the ancients worked.

We do what we call an autopsy on the objects,

that is to say we dismantle them

by taking the objects apart, piece by piece.

We can see and understand how the past craftsmen worked.

We see the art and the ancient techniques used and

we are humbled by their knowledge and ingenuity

…they were very talented."


"Photographie de Bernard Rosenblum, Maître Artisan d'Art, Gainier Doreur d'Art, 1927-2007."