Sights & Sounds: Lefto


Kicking off the first article from our series "Sights & Sounds" where we feature artists from various disciplines all around the world.


Today we present Stephane Lallemand, aka LeftO, who hails from Belgium. As avid fans of hip hop and jazz, chancing upon his Sunday broadcast was no surprise and Monday mornings (SGT) have never been quite the same ever since.

Aside from his shows on Studio Brussel, he can be heard playing for other worldwide stations as well as international festivals. Expect to be transported through a musical journey with a wide genre of sounds from this man who delivers and entertains his audience with the likes of jazz, hip hop, world music and most importantly, beats that keeps everyone moving.

We got a chance to speak to him during his last visit here where he played at Kilo Lounge.

How is it like coming back to Singapore? What are some cool spots and food you found this trip?

Singapore is special to me; is it the weather or the people; along the years I’ve created a small circle of close friends there and it feels good to see them back every now and then; I can see the scene evolve and grow while the clubs have a hard time playing anything else but house and techno. It would definitely be refreshing for SG to have more places like Kilo Lounge to offer an alternative to the city’s music culture.  It can be a small place, 50/100 people cap max but where music, alternative music is the main focus.  

I got some seriously good food at Kilo Lounge, a great concrete building, and amazing cuisine, but nothing beats the Newton seafood food center, the garlic prawn is my holy grail dish. I’ve been to Choice Cuts Cafe as well, a record and coffee shop with a cool vibe and good music. Highly recommended so go support the guys who dare try something different.

Tell us a little more about your style in terms of fashion and music. 

I came from a skateboarding world and we were always dressed different, so I guess I'm still very influenced by what’s happening in the skateboarding clothing world. The skate brands got style these days and I love it. Musically, I am like 5 people in 1 and just like what Gilles Peterson would say; I get bored easily from one style of music on one night, so unless it’s a night dedicated to a certain genre I will flip the script often and take you wherever I want you to. That’s my job.

You recently held a screening of your latest film "Lefto - in transit". Could you share more about the film and what sparked you to start this?

It originally started as a film/documentary where I’d explain the importance of underground music for the mainstream; the inspiration that mainstream artists get from listening to indie artists and recycle it. However, when the national broadcasting company shared that they were interested in our documentary, we had to change the format and find another focus. I wanted to keep the message though and decided to work with cities and focusing on the friends I have in these cities. These friends are talented and inspirational artists and they deserve the attention.  

Lastly, how has the music scene been like for you and the trends you foresee in the coming years.

The music scene has been wild these last few years, many shifts, youngsters listening to a lot more than most people might think, sold out concerts for artists that major media doesn’t even know about, etc… These are interesting times for music actually, the world is acting funny, and that is usually the best time for good music to come out so let’s see. It’s always hard to imagine the future trends, I really see rap music getting a faster bpm again, which would mean that people will be finally able again to dance to rap music haha instead of just jumping and moving wrists. Let’s see... 

Credits: Kilo Lounge

Credits: Kilo Lounge


LeftO will be in Singapore this, Thursday, 14th September 2017 at Kilo Lounge Thursdays presents: Lefto with Funk Bast*rd & Rah

We hope to see you then.


Special thanks to Darker Than Wax and Lefto.