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Established in 2011, OMITIR is a Singapore-based accessories label founded by a duo of friends and creatives with a mutual fascination in forms and purpose. Named after the Spanish word for “omit”, its initiation was born from the idea of removing the brand from its pieces to guide an emphasis on appreciating it in actuality - without the influence of a convoluted backstory in an on-going era of brand fellowship and logo mania. With a clear vision of redefining aesthetics, the pair believes at the core of every object, is its function and all elements surrounding it are interchangeable.

Known for focusing on leather as their canvas of choice due to its honest and individualistic character, collections over the years are an interpretation of classic styles and an exploration of utility in contemporary context. Constructed with a combination of technical hardware and fabrics, each individually handled, the end result are everyday essentials balanced with outdoor utility for the urban setting.

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