Nepenthes Diffuser - Foil


Inspired by our love for flora and fauna, we created an aromatique diffuser ideal for small living spaces. Simply drip 3-5 drops of your preferred essential oils on the folded tip and allow the leather to absorb. We do not recommend changing the scent often as leather is a porous material.

The Nepenthes diffuser is entirely made from leather offcuts in our aim to use every inch of leather and reduce our production waste. The Foil series is made from a special foil-over-leather coated treatment that will reveal its patina through use.

  • LS-003-FIL
  • Aromatique diffuser inspired by the Nepenthes plant
  • Adjustable leather rope
  • Unlined interior
  • Outer: 100% Leather offcuts
  • Dimensions: H220 x L310 x W40 mm


Available in: Black / Burnt Amber / Petroleum / Foil


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